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  Today is a sad day in American history, to see our Veterans struggling from the effects of 'War Syndrome' the evil effects of P.T.S.D. and Veteran Homelessness. Currently without a solution to stop the bleeding. President Trump is the only Commander-in-Chief who fights for 'Veterans First Act',. We need the support of the Democratic Party involvement today and to work together, to help eradicate P.T.S.D. and end the horrible crises of Veterans Homelessness here in America for our brave Veterans.
  Currently there is enough evidence by view on the streets of disgraceful 'Los Angeles' and 'San Francisco' 'California' to see thousands of Homeless Veterans waiting to die on the streets under the Democratic watch in California is absurd and putting 'illegal immigrants' first is a major disgrace to our Veterans Communities. 'We the Veterans' will fight to our last breath to end P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness for our Brother and Sister Veterans who cannot speak for themselves.
  Our Military solution is ready and available. Sadly today's Democratic Party has failed miserably to overlook the severity facing our Veterans "committing suicide" today by their own hands. Our Veteran Service Organizations and 'We the People' will push for the 'recovery'>'Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act' final plead to rehabilitate our Veterans for recovery to end>the painful crises> P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness. The locations for recovery with a comprehensive plan in place is called 'Veterans Safe-Zones.'
  The appropriate actions rest in the hands of 'Military Task Force', with the camaraderie of thousands of military base troops embracing the challenge>facing our Brother and Sister Veterans and to help restore our Veterans dignity with integrity 'reset' the human settings in our Veterans Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul>directed by'courageous' Combat Veterans leading the way to help transform evil of 'War Syndrome' P.T.S.D.>(rightfully) for our Veterans>'peace of mind'.
  Veterans: once our mission is accomplished-will prove-'We the Veterans' saddle up''Never to Leave a Veteran Behind" under the guidance of our watch>today, tomorrow and into the future. Thank you for letting us be part of your family and you as part of our family unit, so our Veterans can finally return home to their families to live in their rightful community.
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  Vietnam Veterans

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A special thanks to our Veteran friends           'Disturbed'
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