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       Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act Bill

           Part 2. Homeward Bound-Welcome Home

       Homeward Bound: To open the dialogue of the current emergency crisis of Veterans Homelessness. It's remarkable how our Veterans for many years have been demonized, suffering from the 'War within their Mind' causing the present homelessness crisis and barely surviving and living by instinct measures. With a strong Military training, taught our Veterans to overcome the fear of war when facing the enemy under the extreme pressure. As for our Homeless Veterans today this was the core that holds our Veterans together, sadly enough the casualties rate is mounting and taking a major toll on our Homeless Veterans, sadly to died without honor or integrity on the streets without military or civilian support in place, never to enjoy the zest for victory or to be with their family. 

It's truly amazing how our Veterans have lived as long as they did. 'We the Veterans' is speaking out on behalf of all Veterans who cannot speak for themselves demanding to end the crisis of Veterans Homelessness on American soil. The recovery stage is vital at this initial moment in time of life vs death 'We the Veterans' are dedicated by sending a massive military task force all out military effort to unmasked the evil 'Veterans Homelessness', Veterans helping Veterans in rescuing our Veterans out of the evil trench to the civilian front line, as an 'emergency priority' at epic proportions. How do we as Veterans end the crisis of Veterans Homelessness, by coming to terms to recognize their is a comprehensive plan 'solution' by implementation of a life preserver with an 'endless pursuit' by locating our Veterans and bring them to our 'Military Camp Base' to start the recovery.


  Now with this understanding of our 'Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act' already in place to look back and see their was a solution. As for the final stage of recovery 'completion' now the reward for our Veterans commitment, sacrifice and hard work, our Veterans life has a new rebirth value with meaning. With the tough times behind us now our Veterans can look forward for a brighter future for celebration for our brave Veterans'. Our Veterans, Family and Friends will have the opportunity to be reunited preparing for a wholesome visitation on the Military Boot Camp Bases will come into focus. Our Veterans prayers we're answer 'hope for life', their hope and dreams were heard, their wishes are now a true reality. This is exactly the mindset 'We the Veterans' have been waiting for to move forward. The elements of course of action and movements will become the 'benefactor of empowerment' bestowed upon our Veterans to regain their love by replenishing our Veterans souls to complete the healing process and to go home with dignity and integrity "I am a Veteran" proudly serve my country with honor and valor.

    At this point we have cross over the critical rehabilitation period by resetting the brain, soul and focus of understanding for our Veterans. Dealing with strength of camaraderie unlimited dedication on a 'Military Camp Base' by physical therapy, strength building by using military restructuring tools to lift up the mental and physical state to feel normal again. Home stretch final stages preparing our Veterans return home to live in their community  

    The Veterans Post in the local communities will play a critical role for our Veterans who are returning home to live in their community. The Commander of each Post with a Veterans staff, will be compensated for their services, again the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs budgeting will secure, the stability for our Veterans. Community Post will assume the the responsibility for oversight maintaining a hands on outreach for our Veterans at all times 24/7. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will oversee and put in place such guidelines and policies. The record keeping duties, keeping records, staying connected, monitoring our Veterans, working with Veteran Service Agents. Each Individual case file of records, will be updated on a regular basis and to be forwarded as a progress report to U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Finally, there are many honorable people who have spent countless hours, who dedicated their lives, to help build our Veterans retirement living, housing placements for our Homeless Veterans, 'We the Veterans', say thank you for your patriotism. Now with a clear vision and a clear mind with the Veterans Safe-Zones in place, our Veterans will  obey the Chain of Command System. Without further adieu, "We the Vietnam Veterans",  feel proud to have contributed to help end the crisis of P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness, that has taken the lives of our brave Veterans here in America. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has work hard and "We the Veterans" feel honor to know the new incoming Secretary Robert Leon Wilkie Jr. has the vision, the credentials, the oversight power to see a progressive comprehensive plan in the workings for reforming to improve military policies and procedures to end the current crises of P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness, here in the United States.  Now, before our Veterans return home, their will be a open military graduation ceremony celebration on base, to be attended by all military base personnel, Family and Friends, to witness our Veterans, receiving their awards, The Presidential 'Medal of Freedom' for their Valor of Courage, to be seen live on all Social Media Platforms. Finally our Veterans will take home the Veterans' survival manual military personal guide. This manual is already part of the Academic curriculum studies, it will be use as a staple as a placeholder to support to secure any future mental challenges for our Veterans to stay focus, 'marked' as official community guide for survival. 










       Vietnam Veterans

    "Never Leaving a Veteran Behind"
         "Never to Be Forgotten"
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