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        Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts Inc.

                                  Since 1982 Serving 351 Veteran Communities

                                  in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

                                                 Vietnam Veterans "Patriotic Honor Roll"

                   Online community family directory subscription to help improve the quality of life for our

                Veterans here in Massachusetts.  Our Veterans say "Thank you" for working together to

                defeat P.T.S.D. from which 20 Veterans commit suicide every day here in America.

                Our mission is to achieve zero deaths against our Veterans from the effects of P.T.S.D.


                   Today, 39,471 homeless Veterans are at risk sleeping on streets, under bridges - 

               while suffering inhuman living conditions.  Please help our Veterans eradicate this evil plaguing

               our Veterans today who are still living in the spirit.  "We the Veterans"  take pride in

               placing your honorable family name onto the "Patriotic Honor Roll" of the Veterans.








                                                                                  Vietnam Veterans









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