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    1. VVMI  Privacy Policy


VVMI Services provides Veterans and Businesses access to the website, the Veterans Benefits Claims Processing Advocacy Outreach Program and other Veteran related material of interest. This includes the associated supporting advertising platform offered Businesses and others for access to these representative markets. To this end, members and guests are allowed to create/post/share and/or read relevant material respectively and so instantaneously connect to create a potentially worldwide community extending far beyond its home in the state of Massachusetts.  Registered users with a double opt-in email address are licensed by the Terms of Service[LINK] to post public messages, to include contextual, pictorial, textual and video graphics links to other websites.

This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected, shared and otherwise used by VVMI and VVMI Services. VVMI Services acquires information through and from applications which include APIs, buttons, email,  texting, and widgets. Example: Use of VVMI Services requires your information transfer to VVMI Services as a consequence of the standard internet communications protocols which allow any communication at all, which by necessity allows the use of the website, texting or access to VVMI Services regardless of hardware platform [PCTM/MacTM/Smartphone/etc.] or third-party software as supported through the standard interface as described in the VVMI Terms of Service.  Use of VVMI Services is proof of unequivocal acknowledgment, authorization, consent and agreement to the collection, disclosure, transfer, manipulation, storage, and/or other uses of your information as described herein. This shall be without regard to country of domicile or origin of said information, to include the United States and Massachusetts under Massachusetts Law for U.S. Citizens only.


Questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy of VVMI and VVMI Services may be directed to


Account Information Modification:

As a registered user [corporate or personal] of VVMI Services, you are provided with an account login and separate settings page. The latter allows access to your personal information so you may keep it current as required under the Terms of Service.


Account Deletion:

Deleting your VVMI Services account [corporate or personal] may permanently delete your access to posting a further blog and/or forum updates. Reclaiming your account, to include accidental deletion may be made available within a time frame to be determined.  However, VVMI Services reserves the right to keep prior posts and communications as we may determine at our sole discretion for the purposes of continuity of flow of thought in a stream of commentary, the matter of completeness, public education, public good and relevancy regarding specific or aggregate blogs or forum posts.


Business Transfers:

Should VVMI Services become involved in an acquisition, bankruptcy, merger,  reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. This Privacy Policy is subject to the control document TERMS OF SERVICE which supersedes this document shall apply to your information as transferred to the new entity.


Children Under Age Thirteen:

To the best of our knowledge, VVMI Services seeks membership only from Veterans of the legal majority as defined in most states and Federal Governments by statute as age 18 as consistent with our Terms of Service [Link]. You must comply with your local guidelines. However,  to comply with U.S. Federal Statute, specifically, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), VVMI Services makes the following statement; VVMI Services does not knowingly provide access to the website, any associated Services and/or collect any Personal Information from persons under the age of thirteen (13). Parents becoming aware that your child has provided us with personal information without parental consent should contact us at Children under age 13 may not use our Services. If VVMI Services finds that you are a child under age thirteen (13), we will take appropriate measures to terminate your account, and restrict future access to our services, to include We will endeavor to make reasonable efforts at our discretion to remove your information from our systems infrastructure, however, exceptions may exist as data may persist in backups and disk memory overflow, the latter pending restore or overwrite.


Collected User Registration Information:

VVMI Services account creation/modification includes industry standard personal information collection which includes name, email address, account name, and password. Some information, such as name and account name is publicly listed on our Services. VVMI Services reserves the right at any time to expand this requirement as we see fit without notice.  Some VVMI Services such as search and associated lists do not require registration.



Your account authorization of VVMI Services allows third-party web client(s) and application(s) access to share and/or disclose your information.



Cookies are data files posted to your computer ram or hard disk. They come in two flavors, session and persistent. The former expire on browser exit, the latter may exist by industry standard, up to one year.  Although some services require cookies for functioning and most browsers accept cookies, cookies may be turned off in the browser. VVMI Services' website, like all other WordPress websites, use cookie technology to collect data. This data is used to improve and/or customize our presentation of content offerings and VVMI Services traffic routing to your needs. Server-side searches, profile(s) and general listing offerings may not require cookies, pending customization. VVMI Services Log Data allows our Services to measure, customize, and improve.


Corporate  and  Personal Account Information:

Corporate and Personal Account Information is hereinafter referred to as an Account Profile or Profile. This conforms to industry standard practices and nomenclature for database recording of such data as you may provide to VVMI Services for public access. Such information may be biographic, links to your other social media, locational, pictorial, a cell phone number for texting or your website address to customize your account.


VVMI Services may use your contact information to message and market to you. Your account settings on and certain notifications allow you to unsubscribe from most notifications from VVMI Services, excluding policy notice updates to the Terms of Service and other communications as we may deem necessary.  


Your contact information may be used by VVMI Services, third-party services or client applications for returning listings allowing entities to find your profile. You control your account settings allowing others to find you by cell phone, email or not. To help you find VVMI Services users you know, you may upload your address book. We may suggest people of interest that you may wish to follow on VVMI Services based on your imported contacts.  


You may contact VVMI Services at any time; We reserve the right to archive, disseminate, record, store or otherwise handle your message(s) and contact information in any appropriate media as we may see fit to respond to your request. Cross-connection of VVMI Services with third-party accounts or service accounts to your account for cross-posting requires you authorizing the other service to send your enabling information to VVMI Services for the purpose. Such information may be deleted as necessary to conform to third-party social login services relationships with FaceBook/Google/LinkedIn/Twitter/etc. This information enables cross-posting, helps us improve the Services, and is deleted from VVMI Services within a few weeks of your disconnecting your account on the other service from VVMI Services unless such information is available in kind from a separate service.


Corporate and Personal Blogs, Following, Forums, Lists, Tweets and other Public Information: Most of what you may post is generally public information or reformatted to become public information instantaneously available on the World Wide Net. In any event, such material is often available for search through VVMI Services or third parties. This includes applications, API(s),blog(s), following [Atom/RSS/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc.], list, forum, message and text data as well as internet protocol data required for information transfer.


Corporate and Personal Location Information:

You may publish your address location, on your authority and thus hold VVMI and VVMI Services and its agents harmless and otherwise indemnify VVMI, VVMI Services, and its agents, in you're or corporate or personal blog(s), forum(s)  messages, mobile communications, GPS locations and profile(s).  This may be used to localize business advertising promotions, stories, suggestions and trends for people to follow.

Information Sharing and Disclosure:

Private personal information is not disclosed except as described under the Terms Of Service [TOS].


Law and Harm:

Notwithstanding anything herein, contrary to this Privacy Policy, as incorporated by reference into the control document, the Terms Of Service which supersedes all other incorporated documents by specific including those incorporated by reference. [LINK], we may preserve or disclose your information that VVMI Services reasonably believes is necessary to comply with state, federal and/or foreign law(s), legal request(s) and/or regulation(s ). VVMI Services may accordingly answer such inquiries in regard to:

  • VVMI Security;

  • Public or individual safety;

  • Fraud;

  • To protect VVMI Services' rights and/or properties; and/or

  • Technical issues;


Legal Service:


NOTE: VVMI and VVMI Services do not accept legal service/process via email.  Our support systems may remove some or all attachments.


It is not VVMI's policy to get involved in litigation. VVMI does not verify email addresses or authenticate an entity's identity. Therefor VVMI does not warrant and/or guarantee informational accuracy as supplied, as it is totally at the user's discretion, and so it may be anonymous, erroneous, entirely fictitious or fallacious. Accordingly, any entity acquiring and/or processing such information by or for legal means agrees to hold VVMI, VVMI Services and its agents harmless against any and all possible legal recourse and further agree that their

interpretation of such information is solely their responsibility.


VVMI, VVMI Services, its' officers, employees, agents, are protected under 18USC 2703(e) entitled “No Cause of action against a Provider Disclosing Information Under This Chapter” regarding answering official legal inquiries.


Pursuant to the above, VVMI will comply with any valid court orders under US Law, ref. 18 USC § 2703 - Required disclosure of customer communications or records for information regarding users subject to Accordingly, VVMI requires a validated court order, subpoena, U.S. search warrant as required for communications content or another valid legal process on court letterhead to include foreign legal inquiries under mutual legal assistance treaty or a letter rogatory from foreign judges to American judges to question witnesses in U.S. Courts. That written document must be served signed, dated and under seal by a judge or other competent authority properly served to VVMI's Massachusetts State registered corporate agent. Documentation must include proof of competent jurisdiction from a recognized court within the United States. All documentation must be signed by a validated United States Attorney licensed before the local BAR of the state of jurisdiction, currently sitting as a judge on the bench of that state with contact information to include references to the appointing body and a copy of the letter of appointment.


Governmental requests including Law Enforcement to preserve data must conform to the above paragraph, however, an appropriate governmental agency letterhead may be substituted, a reference to the applicable law, the username, URL(s), and valid contact information is required to include a corresponding governmental email return address. The only email from law enforcement domains will be accepted. All others will be disregarded. Non-law enforcement requests should be sent through our regular support methods.


VVMI's policy is to notify users of official legal inquiries, document types of which are listed above, for user information disclosure, unless legally prohibited by statute, example: ref. 18 U.S.C. § 2705(b).


The specifics of available information may be found under the various sections in this Privacy Policy.


Should there be any question, this section is incorporated to limit abuse of process and errant filings from fictitious entities and so protect private and personal information from fraud by allowing VVMI to prove due diligence by a paper trail as a shield against frivolous claims and other related litigation.


However, nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have to a third party’s, including a government’s, request to disclose your information.



VVMI Services may track your interaction with,  associated and/or third party sites to include client applications, email notifications, third-party services, and/or other means. This is done to improve our Services, provide relevant advertising, and aggregate link and other traffic statistics.


Non-Private and/or Non-Personal Information:

VVMI Services may disclose and/or share information which may be aggregated,  non-personal and/or otherwise non-private to include:  people you follow or are followed by you, your public profile, your public blog, forum posts or other communications you originate as we may deem fit or separately, user link click counts greater than or equal to zero.


    1. Safe Harbor Framework:

VVMI and VVMI Services and all other associated entities do not seek certification, most likely will not seek certification and make no claims regarding either the U.S.-E.U. and/or U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity and/or access. VVMI and VVMI Services serves the needs of U.S. Citizens, more specifically United States of America Veterans under Sovereign United States Law and [American] Soldiers which fall under Sovereign United States Military Justice. VVMI and VVMI Services maintain that the Safe Harbor Program does not apply to or its associated entities for our purposes as posted herein. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce website.


Server Log Data:

Your interaction with VVMI Services' associated servers automatically generates and record log data when you visit This includes login, interactions with our email notifications, third-party social login and authentication software for our website, third party websites and application(s) by account(s),  button(s) or widget(s). Log Data includes your application Ids, browser type, cookie information, device ID, IP address, location, operating system,  pages visited, referring web page, search terms from your server; which is used for customization/improvement and measurement. Log data may be aggregated or account identifiers removed or deleted at our discretion as VVMI Services may see fit.


Service Providers:

VVMI Services engage in contractual relations with service providers by function, both domestic and foreign as necessary. Your Private personal information may be shared accordingly, subject to this Privacy Policy as consistent with the control document, the Terms of Service which supersedes all other incorporated documents including those incorporated by reference by specific. [LINK]. This is conditional on the third-party usage of your personal private information, pursuant to our instructions, only on our behalf.


Third-Party Service Providers:

VVMI Services uses third-party service providers for blogs, FAQs, hosting, software: applications, APIs, statistical analytics, wikis, etc. to help us understand our clientele's use of our Services. These third-party service providers may collect information as described under the Server Log Data section.


Widget Data:

Content may be tailored based on third-party website visits as integrated through VVMI Services' buttons and/or widgets. When our VVMI Services' buttons/widgets first display on third party websites we log data which includes sending the visited web page's URL and browser cookie data generated by the Widget.  We may aggregate, delete or otherwise process such data per our discretion as we see fit. However, normally and without any warranty or guarantee in any terms, including timeliness, such data may be deleted after 10 days. However, as cookie data may not be available until a particular browser is pointed at a VVMI Services site or web page, we may not have such access to perform removal or update for the foreseeable future, pending the assigned period of deletion for the cookie or if based on such access.


Profile specific content may be based on Widget data, including suggestions for forum or blog follows on VVMI Services. This feature does not exist currently, however it is planned and will most likely eventually be offered with an on/off option.


Privacy Policy Changes:

This Privacy Policy is occasionally updated. VVMI's use of your information will be governed by the current version always available at You are notified of policy changes at our sole discretion via update or email of changes, as we may deem necessary to your account email address. Your continued access/use of VVMI Services after changes become effective, acknowledges your agreement binding you contractually to the revised Privacy Policy.

Effective: November 11, 2017

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