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                                                                                                                    "Red Alert" In Memory 

  Never Leaving a Veteran Behind!










 "Our Veterans Voice, Military Duty, VisionSolutionAccountability and Due Process".

    "We the Veterans" have declare war on Veterans Homelessness here in the Commonwealth and across the United States of America must come to an end now to rescue a staggering 39,471  accountable Homeless Veterans are at risk to be demonized with inhumane living conditions begging for food and money, sleeping on streets, freezing to death in the heart of winter, and not to be recognized by people walking by not knowing they are passing by a American Veteran Hero:  one with Military Integrity, discipline of mind, and just the will to survive.


     "We the Veterans," say thank you to look upon ourselves as "We the People" to open the gateway of America for a new vision and conscience to give a better future to our

Veterans for generations to come and to save those Veterans from using illegal drugs, dying from drug overdose, suffering from diseases and traumas that violate their all self-human dignity and pride


   ''We the Veterans" can see how our brave Brother and Sister Veterans lost their will to live without hope from the effects of war, they will die on the streets with broken hearts

Veterans, Families, and Friends always keeping love ones closed to the heart with sweet memories how life turned out without hope, it's so remarkable how brave you really are.  It is amazing that you have lasted so long. "Courageous Veterans"                  


   "We the Veterans" and "We the people" are proud as we honor to pay you our debt by bringing you home to our "(Veterans Post")> "Safe-Zones"< - where it all started - at our Military Bases that will become the Host Command Task Centers that will initiate to apply comprehensive recovery programs essential for Healing and Rehabilitation.  Boot Camp Training, Academic Skills Development, and Exercise Programs will fuel the comeback of the century leading the way, Honorable Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Robert Leon Wilkie Jr.


   With our Veterans and citizens united to petition with a strong voice and a clear vision, we will reach the offices of the Joint Committee on Veterans' and Federal Affairs in the State House, here in Boston, and then the United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, in Washington D.C., to mandate the assignment of a Military Task Force to locate and transport home our Homeless Veterans, here in the Commonwealth, as this endeavor will be extended across the U.S.A. to bring all our Veterans home.  As time does pass quickly, "We the Veterans" and "We the People" will embrace your homecomings to improve the quality of life that you have earned and deserve.  We share your integrity,

"I am a Veteran" and await your return so you may enjoy the glory with your Brother and Sister Veterans'- in our society, in our community.


   We welcome your experience for the parents, for the children, who will learn and enjoy your expertise in making our community safer as you will deserve the credit for your contribution for building America stronger

restoring our Military Veterans' Values.  This accomplishment will be written in the crossroads of American history - in the minds and souls of "We the Veterans" and "We the People" who speak for our Homeless Veterans who cannot speak for themselves.  As Americans, protecting our Constitution, we say "Thank you, Brother and Sister Veterans for your service and may God bless you!"







                                                Vietnam Veterans of America





                 Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc.

                          27 Beacon Street, Room 546-2

                          Boston, Massachusetts 02133

                                     Since 1982 

            "We the Veterans" and "We the People" propose to the

 Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs a Constitutional

Amendment Referendum:  The Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act Bill

to end the crisis crippling  'Veterans Homelessness' in Massachusetts here in America!   

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