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         Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts Inc.

                                  Since 1982 Serving 351 Veteran Communities

                                  In The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

July 14, 2024

52,840 Veterans

Suicide Deaths

from the effects of      P.T.S.D. since

November 11, 2017


  United States of America



                                              Vietnam Veterans  "Patriotic " Honor Roll


March 5, 2019 President Trump signed an 'Executive Order' to eradicate the

evil of P.T.S.D. The Veterans Community salutes you Commander-in-chief for supporting our Veterans who cannot speak for themselves. For over 106 years our Veteran Patriotic Organizations fought in vain to rescue our Brother and Sister Veterans to end the crisis of P.T.S.D., sadly, every day 20 Veterans commit suicide from the effects of the war inside the minds of a Veteran. President Trump is the only 'Executive in Office' who step up and made it possible to initiate the 'Veterans First Act'.


Sadly today, 39,471 homeless Veterans are at risk sleeping on streets, under bridges,

while suffering inhumane living conditions, with your help, 'We the People' can help to eradicate the evil effects of P.T.S.D., by stopping P.T.S.D. in its tracks an restored the life for our Veterans 'today'. Our Veterans  are barely living in the spirit. ''We the Veterans" take pride in placing your Honorable company name onto our business "Patriotic " Honor Roll to save a Veteran's life.











                                                         Vietnam Veterans





















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