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                              Petitioners for Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness: 

                           American Citizenship solutions for helping to end the

                           crises of P.T.S.D. and Veterans' Homelessness here in America.



           Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs-Massachusetts





           "We the Veterans" of the United States of America, and "We the People'' have an American

       responsibility and a moral obligation to end the crisis of  P.T.S.D. and Veterans' Homelessness

       here in America.  P.T.S.D. is a street killer with over 39,471  Veterans are at risk and sadly 20 Veterans

       committing suicide every day.  P.T.S.D. and Veterans' Homelessness is now been accepted officially

       as part of our American society.  "We the Veterans" take this to heart with the need to break the

       resistance that stands in the way of our Veterans from getting the proper treatment for our Veterans

       desperately seek- we hope you realize the plight that our Veterans are suffering from, it must be stop



           Our human obligation as Americans is to be on the front line to form a bond together as a country,

       as a voice for our Brother and Sister Homeless Veterans who cannot speak for themselves.  Many have

       even lost their will to live with no choice, but to live out their mortality on the streets and under the bridges

       only to be defeated without a solution by the evil P.T.S.D. sadly spilling more Veterans' blood on American soil.


          "We the People" must act now to take the right course of action today to begin the rehabilitation process

       for our Veterans today.  By the actions of our Active Military Personnel, perhaps the greatest mission of

       human effort will be carried out, by tracking, locating, transporting and bringing our Brothers and Sisters

       Veterans to the 'RECOVERY POINT' 'Military Boot Camp Bases' that will be the present housing for our Veterans

       suffering from evil P.T.S.D. and to begin the rehabilitation-healing for recovery.  Our Veterans will work 

       and push forward to overcome the fears the scars of 'War Syndrome'  and finally have a fighting 

       chance to go home to their families they have earn and 100% deserves. {God Bless America}


        * of United States Army installations

      ** of the Unknown Soldier

    *** Joint Committee on Veterans' and Federal Affairs-Massachusetts

 **** United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs-Washington D.C.


          The incorporation of accredited Veterans' program workshops on 'Military Boot Camp Bases'

       is the absolute right environment for our Veterans who suffer from the effects of P.T.S.D., to wake up

       every morning with a roof over their heads while having the essential accessories to sleep peacefully, 

       to eat promptly, to shower regularly without  external pressures.  An environment surrounded by

       the camaraderie of ' Military Base Veterans' will  help restored their dignity and morale for all our veterans

       and to make a mark as a milestone in 'American Military History' "Veterans Helping Veterans" 

       by making our military a stronger force-to inspired '' We the People" as 'Universal Humanitarians'

       with a vision for a better future for America and for our "Veterans, Families and Friends".


          The key is to open the evil paddle lock in the minds for our 'Homeless Veterans' to eradicate by stopping

      the demonizing effects of opioid addiction withdrawal pro- actively administering and prescribing

      natural medicines that are naturally- effective, but not addictive. Veterans' workshops studies will include

      skills already known by our Veterans to help expand their 'core of memory- recovery' their skills by applying

      self- acknowledgement of subjects  in today's e-commerce, human social behavior, religious ideology,

      and computer science that will prepare our Veterans for returning back into our e-commerce society.



          As to the completion of rehabilitation, every Veteran will receive their award in recognition of excellence

       for completing their road to recovery and for their achievements of hard work to return home to their 

       family and community.  It will become mandatory for our Veterans, returning back into the community, 

       to report to the 'Veterans Post-Safe Zone Outreach Centers' to be greeted by the Veteran Agent and the

       Commander's of each Post with a dedicated Veterans staff to supervise, to maintain a military protocol 

       by maintaining the camaraderie of brotherhood and to share the role of community leadership by guiding

       our Veterans with the tools required by adding many community resources and by maintaining a monthly

       progress report for our Veterans returning home. 


         The progress report will be forwarded by the Veteran Agent to the Department of Veterans Affairs who

       will in turn report to the Department of Homeland Security, to the Department of Defense, which in turn,

       will send the final report to the Oval Office the Commander-in-Chief -President Donald J. Trump.


         By placing your Company name on our Veterans' Honor Roll- Online Business Directory, 

       your Corporate Brand name will help end the crisis of P.TS.D. and Veterans' Homelessness 

       here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - to be seen by "We the Veterans" and "We the People''

       of the United States as preserving the values of integrity, for our Veterans sacrifices, in helping with 

       the pursuit for decorations in rewarding our Veterans to return 'HOME' with integrity and dignity'

       by application of the "Medal of  Valor and Honor",





                                                                         Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts. 





























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