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            Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act Bill

                     Veterans Helping Veterans

  Sadly everyday 20 Veterans commit suicide from the effects of the evil P.T.S.D.. 

Presently 39,471 Veterans are Homeless here in America reaching the highest level of 'suicidal risk' living and sleeping in inhumane conditions on streets for many years begging for money, food and addicted to hard drugs are factoring in 'the lost of hope' reducing our Veterans integrity and setting the stage for disaster. P.T.S.D. the lurking evil perpetrated causing mental and health issues, 'isolation for death'. Currently our homeless Veterans voices are falling on deaf ears. It's appalling to see our Veterans suffering for generations with no permanent solution in sight to end the crises of P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness.


 'We the Veterans' must act now to defuse the evil of horror for our Veterans who cannot speak for themselves. With a vast amount of military assets on hand the solution is visible to apply a working comprehensive program to deal with the crisis of P.T.S.D.. The Vietnam Veterans have been advocating vigorously for years to eradicate P.T.S.D. to help bring this crisis to and end. With aggressive strong military interaction of camaraderie on base, will help activate to put the plan into action is an important role to help combat P.T.S.D. and to eliminate Veterans Homelessness here in America. 'We the Veterans' understand by using military intelligence group intervention to overhaul the present conditioning issues with corrected calculations of steps on a military setting with Veterans hands on, face to face 24/7 military support system availability for guidance to begin the rehabilitation phase in helping to restore our Veterans' dignity and understanding by appointing a regulatory oversight committee to take control by helping to produce a positive rehabilitated result. 'Military Operations Act' is the first step for the recovery for our Veterans to eradicate the dark clouds, by unlocking the confusion of war in the minds for our Veterans. The key element 'Military Boot Camp Bases' with Combat Veterans leading the charge and clearing the way of doubts for a successful outcome.      


   Military Camp Bases locations is the solution 'mandatory' without cutting corners to reset the time table in the minds for our Veterans focus by creating a flow of vitality to overtake  by erasing any doubts of fear in the 'state of mind' for our Veterans. By using a common sense approach on Military Boot Camp Bases, with the experience of a 'combat military staff' oversight will help launch the comprehensive plan by unlocking the sinister of mental behavior 'P.T.S.D'.. The structural outline is as follow, to rewire the key components as required by military personnel only and leading the way in management 'Operation Outcome' military task force oversight support committee. With 243 years of military history now is the time, not later to resolved the mental, physical stress, spiritual cleansing issues, with the understanding how to approach to address the side effects of 'war syndrome.' America has reached the crossroads in history and now it's imperative to accept the moral reality our military obligation by acting today to perform our military civil moral duties by ending this emergency crisis today.

   Vietnam Veterans has been advocating vigorously for years, hereby taking notice to signed into law the 'Veterans Humanitarian Relief Act' to restore our Veterans body, soul and mind 100% military cooperation with a vision of understanding by sharing a strong military voice putting a forthright comprehensive plan in place for our Veterans 'today' who deserved a chance for recovery. No cutting corners, with an aggressive 'Veterans Military Task Force' searching for our Veterans by using multiple resource channels to locate our domestic P.O.W. Veterans without limitation or restriction. At this point in time many various outreach centers, housing and shelters have been a staple to provide 'refuge' for our Veterans outreach has been very helpful but the most important element for recovery still remains missing for our Veterans, by opening up 'Safe Zones' on Military Boot Camp Bases to initiate for 'reset training' Veterans centers 'jump start' so our Veterans will have the opportunity to return back to their designated placement 'Home' or Facility' in their rightful mind and to enjoy their community. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs  personnel are military experts leading the way with a strong military intelligence background 'We the Veterans' feel confident our Veterans crisis platform will help with the implementation of due process for swift action to confront the evil of P.T.S.D. in real time for our Veterans road to recovery.

Let's roll out the recovery platform:

Location for rehabilitation destination point, Military Boot Camp Bases, Command Task Crisis Centers.


.Military Base Personnel handlers only.
.Locating Veterans by surveillance aerial drones by air and on ground
.Statewide networks data collectively
.Local Law enforcement tracking intelligence data
.Homeless Shelters, Out Reached Centers
.Veterans word of mouth on the street
.Military National Guard outreach boots on the ground offering food and clothes 
in areas where our Homeless Veterans stay together to gather information

putting our homeless Veterans on notice.

.Veteran Agents

.Veteran Posts 

.Veterans Administration Hospitals

   Operation Clean Sweep, Military Task Force, shuttle busing, railways transporters pick up and delivering our Veterans to the Safe Zone- Military Boot Camp Bases.

The Military Camp Bases will be call 'Veterans Command Centers Outreach- Safe Zone.

This is the most crucial period from the starting point of the comprehensive program.

Let's look at the big picture to see the military landscape of valuable resources ready available.  Military environmental tools abundantly available that will be implemented as the key role for the success for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation time frame of stay for completion will take 12 -17 months for full recovery.



Step 1:

  Our Veterans are now on the Military Boot Camp Base, Safe-Zones, 500- 800 Homeless Veterans per Military Camp Bases.

Step 2:

. 90 days of quarantine, a complete overhaul health screenings top to bottom, flushing out, meltdown mental and opiate poisoning.

  Marijuana has many medical benefits properties of natural choice for the replacement of opiates. Quarantine setting is to capture the most crucial roll to begin the transition to level up to the next step. Let's look at it together from a common sense point of view.  For being on the streets for years, our Veterans are barely surviving and living in the terror of the war within their minds by feeling guilty without good memories 'stuck in the evil muck P.T.S.D.' 'We the Veterans' experts in combat warfare with battle scars will help evaluate to pinpoint, to locate, and capture their mindset to improved their behavior. Let's start here to work our way back into time from the very beginning of being discharge. On returning back from combat our Combat Handlers will insert 'place markers' to address the meltdown to pinpoint the criteria of issues 'haunting memories' unscrupulous culprit battle fatigue currently plaguing our brothers and sisters Veterans balancing, 'time inside their minds'.


  This is where we start to understand our Veterans to untangle the trauma from their minds by using our combat Veterans' experience by implementing the necessary tools and formations by applying the applications 'rebuilding techniques' to 'reconnect' to 'reset' to 'unwind' the spirit, body and soul of thoughts in resulting 'good positive feeling results as a sign of relief by unblocking the war of bad memories for our Veterans, to begin the healing process, so everyone will be on the same page as by working together with hands on support helping to eradicate the crises of P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness in group setting 'Military Boot Camp Bases'. 

Step 3:

 .90 days Alignments and Balances for vision, hearing and thinking to reset the adjustment disorder to connect our Veterans mind, body and soul a mission set forth by Combat Veterans support team using expert Combat Veterans skill techniques focusing on regulatory disorder in mental, physical capacity behavior, plays important role to look into our Veterans mind and spiritual soul, diffusing disruptive mood dysregulation disorder symptoms of P.T.S.D.. Quarantine tier (1) key role daily showers, plenty of food and restful sleep, reducing the feeling of fear to suppress decades of stress. The purpose, the focus for our Veterans is vital 'feeling safe' within a Military Camp Base with the help of Veterans camaraderie support base surroundings always visible so our Veterans will learn to accept the understanding, to listen, asking questions formulating an open exchange of communications. Soft smooth inspirational background music plays a vital role, as an essential indicator tool setting the stage to arouse the attention to initiate 'creative thinking' switching the focus away from P.T.S.D. Once quarantine is completed 'We the Veterans' now have the control and understanding to eradicate the diabolical evil behavior of P.T.S.D.

Step 4:

 .120 days We gradually integrate exercise programs, short walks first, then longer walks. Keep in mind 100% camaraderie of Veterans on the base will play an important role to restore to build a renew character of morality, confidence builder is important. At this point the program is working. Now our Veterans support group will raise the bar to a higher level shifting to regulate basic common sense thinking opening 'logical pathways' continuing to wash away, all pass negative thoughts, balancing ones visionary, improving commonsense and ones spiritual being.

  Inside the military quarters, our Veterans will 'master conformity' by disciplinary behavior, again a fragile state of mind is still lurking, with social interaction playing a very important roll.  All military personnel on military bases will be involve to share the encouragement of morality will be used as a role model builder to developed friendships of acceptance, so our Veterans will start to begin seeing their progress of achievement within themselves progressive improvements feeling the acceptance motivating self discipline of human worth 'place marker'sense of feeling of earning, 'dignity with integrity' making a historical comeback earning a seat on the 'winning team' solution honoring our Veterans' 'motto' 'we fought together', we die together 'we heal together' 'we win together' this is where our mental and physical bonding is vitally important leaving our 'Veterans footprint of camaraderie' for other Veterans to follow their steps, proudly contributing 'victory' passing the torch to other Veterans in helping to erase away the dark clouds, to end the evil P.T.S.D.. 


   Now comes the competitor challenging brain stimulus game activities to increase muscle memory for our Veterans to build stamina here are some examples, Checkers, Poetry, Bible Reading, Video Games challenging events for mental competency redevelopment, Karaoke Soft Inspirational Music with a host of Comical Television viewing to control eye contact, hearing senses locators for concentration to enhanced ones equilibrium to improve ones analytical chemistry transferring old thought into new thought process.   


  The Chaplain's role is so vital to help cleanse to wash away any negative thoughts of sins in the mindset for our Veterans to elevate a justifiable feeling 100% wholesome to help improve the inner conscience voice to become stronger to defend from the thoughts of of P.T.S.D.  Bible readings classes restoring virtual healing, for the internal spiritual of mind and body cleansing.  The important factor is maintaining a steady coherent communications everyday to keep erasing the old roots of P.T.S.D. and consistently applying positive mental and verbal images of interaction, to build up strength, feeding the state of mind with nutritional value of content securing real time for our Veterans with a positive mental focus to lock in "common sense" into the minds of our Veterans. Keep in mind Marijuana will be the natural remedy of choice through the lifetime for our Veterans. The VA hospitals or local dispensary will issue a Medical I.D. Card, the Veteran Posts, could play a role as an dispensary for the convenience to make it easier for our Veterans on their arrival returning back into the community.

Step 5:

 .180 days of Academic Development preparing our Veterans for their return back into the their community to face the real challenges of e-commerce applying their skills they have achieve to exercise social behavior activities. Now our Veterans have a solid foundation in place with the confidence and a clear understanding paving the way for the last chapter to prepare for civilian interaction in place, leaving the worst behind. Now we prepare our Veterans to focus on classroom subjects refresh learning courses of reading, writing, mathematics, computer science, speaking and comprehensive listening skills setting the framework to direct our Veterans how to read for the understanding to fill out forms constantly improving our Veterans literacy, writing skills, balancing today's economics, set forth preparing for civilian survival. Our Veterans are now gaining ground, picking up speed during this time and course of actions, revisiting skills they are already familiar with,

our Military mentors will address those Veterans to reunite to connect their memory towards those skills to exceed their talents. Remember our Veteran Military Unit is keeping a daily progress report that will be evaluated very closely. Keep in mind the physical fitness programs continue to play a big role building a strong body and mental state to make our Veterans stronger everyday.

Step 6:

 .Let's recap the overall progress from the beginning of rehabilitation stages. One would have to say there is a gleam of light and hope for our Veterans, to have a chance to beat the odds to return home and to be with their family. The ratio of recovery is rated as high as 85%-90% that our Veterans will regain their life they earn and deserved to be in control of their own destiny the zest for life. The Department of Veterans Affairs 'military expert oversight' 'Comprehensive Platform' will become the model for all War Veterans, who served with valor and gallantry will have to participate in the rehabilitation program to follow other War Veterans presently to pass the mental and physical endurance testing and exams in Social Behavior, Religion of Faith, Law and Order, E-commerce, Computer Science and Community Ideologies as role model to understand and to accept their experience 'War Syndrome' a testament to control and to eradicate P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness here in the military, to prove 'We the Veterans' creed- motto 'never leave a Veteran behind.' This is the last chapter for a new start for our Veterans, as not to look down on themselves, but to look up to themselves for their great achievements, to go home and to enjoy their family and friends. Our Veterans are so brave they have given their best, 'earning their rights' to regain to claim their Medal of Freedom with dignity to embrace the moral conduct of integrity. 






              Vietnam Veterans

         Simon and Garfunkel

          Homeward Bound


       "Never to be forgotten"
"Never leaving a Veteran behind"

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