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The Constitution was written during the Philadelphia Convention—now known as the Constitutional Convention—which convened from May 25 to September 17, 1787. It was signed on September 17, 1787.

           Dedicated to our Veterans for their Valor, Courage and Honor

         welcome home Veterans making your life a better place to lived. 




  The Constitutional framework for your return home, long term security to preserving one's safety, one's knowledge, one's understanding for love of country, family, and friends. Veterans the Constitution is your guide to protect you, to direct you, to understand one's surroundings and one's own state of mind for your encouragement to become a role model and to welcome your return home, back into your community that you 'earned and deserved'.

  The teachings of the Constitution is consider the America book index outlining America's 'Rule of Law' the enrichment, for our Veterans life with the empowerment and wisdom by helping our Veterans to advanced as powerful thinkers with a clear positive outlook in life, to overcome the adversities in your life, to see ourselves with others in your community, otherwise wherever your travels will take you.


  Veterans you have prepare yourself for this day, for your homecomings. 

You have already gain the experience of understanding from your teachings

during the time 'we spent together' in the classroom workshop studies at the 'Military Camp Base'.

  The average person does not have the same opportunities or time, to rely on  the Constitution. Veterans you are steps ahead an unequivocally in the position to enjoy the advantages over others in your community. Veterans now your focus and vision is in place to proceed with a stronger endurance of ambition with unlimited motivation to be a participant an a American contributor 'self educated' and 'feeling righteous' towards yourself and with others.


   As a Veteran you have earned and now deserved the entitlement of rights to say "I am Healthy" I have full control over my life. I can and I will make a difference in my life, to make the right decisions, by doing so, for myself without casting doubts or fears within my own mind or environment or my personal surroundings within my own community. Whereas the Constitution 232 years old has made me a gatekeeper by defending our country, for valor, courage and honor for 'We the People' freedom. My performance of thinking will help guide me to a higher understanding to help improved myself- awareness, myself- control, to strive by continuing to build my mind stronger, my spirit of enlightenment and well being, to be my own witness of thoughts and to respect others opinions and their views, to have the capabilities, to see my own life's vision clearly, to maintain my focus, to believe in my owned faith, to be happy and to shared my life experience with others.


  Our America leaders who wrote the Constitution, shared their vision to protect, to preserved the Liberty, America Rights, Freedom and Country. Veterans your name is inscribe in history as a 'American Patriot' who has proved, in defending the principles of self- preservation 'America's Freedom Heritage'. As a Veteran, you have shared a lifetime bond among your Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Veterans. We thank all of our Veterans here in America for bonding together as a unit to help empower by preservation, our oath, our Veterans legacy for our 'Military History.' 'We the Veterans' of the Constitution who have sacrifice our birthright to defend against evil, for the 'namesake' for peace, prosperity and posterity around the world for 'We the People'' to obey and to respect the Constitution 'Rule of Law' so vigorously persuading 'common sense' for 'peace of mind'.

   Veterans, this is your time, this is your place, to reap the human rewards for your sacrifice starting now. To enjoy your freedom that you have earned and deserved. You will uphold your Veterans principles to improved the quality life ambitions 'Veterans helping Veterans' and consciously knowing your have climb the imperious heights, with no personal boundaries an has risen above to act as a world power stabilizer coherently producing better results, to received many humanitarian benefits in which you are entitled too, the evaluation of your mental and physical state of mind, your strength. 'You as a Veteran' will continued to be recognize as America's defender with the status quo American gatekeeper for the Constitution. Our Veterans community as a whole with family and friends is closed to 100,000,000 million strong.

  Our focus is to make sure our Veterans are treated with the best quality of care, your voices will be heard in the Halls of Congress to improved the quality of life for our Veterans. If your voice fall on deaf ears 'We the Veterans' will take immediate action to resolved these issues publicly. This page is dedicated to end the crisis of P.T.S.D. and Veterans Homelessness ensuring as an self awareness guide, was written in advanced for our Veterans suffering and committing suicide every day for decades 'spilling Veterans blood on American soil' "We the Veterans" take this matter very seriously. 

  Veterans as you read your Veterans Declaration Constitutional framework is now in place to read and to understand, you are a vital part of 'American Patriotism'. On behalf of all the Veterans 'living and decease' who have handed off the torch to pay forwarded 'We the Vietnam Veterans' are proud to be a contributor to be a 'Veteran Voice' for our Veterans community and for our Veterans who cannot speak for themselves. It is our duty with honor proudly to have served side-by-side with our Brother and Sister Veterans and to be among the greatest power for 'Human Rights' 'We Salute' our Military Armed Force Services of the United States of America, Today, Tomorrow and Forever with 'God's help and Vision'.






Vietnam Veterans
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