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                                          Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc.

                                       27 Beacon Street, Room 546-2

                                     Boston, Massachusetts 02133

                                                    Since 1982

                          In support of 327,990 Veterans in the

                                          Commonwealth of Massachusetts 




















    Veterans, Families, Businesses, and Friends by your petition and support March 5, 2019 the Commander-in-Chief President Donald J. Trump signed the Executive Order to end the crisis of P.T.S.D. here in America. Leading the way, Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs Robert Leon Wilkie Jr. and all the great Veterans Organization across our great Nation is mandating a task force to resolved the crisis of P.T.S.D., meanwhile over 39,471 homeless Veterans are at risk, sleeping on streets and under bridges here in America. This American Veteran tragedy has gone on far too long.  We need to take the immediate action to speak on behalf of our Veterans who cannot speak for themselves, by acting to resolved the crisis of Veterans Homelessness here in America. 


    "We the Veterans" know that privatization of healthcare makes sense for our Veterans who are homeless on the streets of America.  What makes perfect sense is to use what is available for housing for the 39,471 homeless Veterans who are at risk, our domestic 'Military Boot Camp Bases', there are over a million acres of available land in 50 states and can easily occupy 39,471 homeless Veterans are at risk while providing them healthcare and all of the essentials that apply, to begin their rehabilitation. 


    Keep in mind that the root of P.T.S.D. is a state of mind from its origin of beginning.  P.T.S.D. must be dealt in balance surrounding at the original starting point within a military environment to complete our Veterans rehabilitation.

    As for our Veterans returning back to live in their community only then will privatization of healthcare will be more effective and make more sense for our Veterans.


                                       Vietnam Veterans








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