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   Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc. is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental,        Charitable Organization created and incorporated since 1982 serving the Veterans  Community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to specifically increase the funding for the Veterans' Benefit Programs to act as Developmental Informational  Resource Publication Guide benefiting Veterans and their Families.
   Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc., 27 Beacon Street, Room 546-2,
State House in Boston is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity FID:  04-2742355 fo 42 years
and sharing the camaraderie with 327,990 Veterans here in the Commonwealth.                                
   Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc. increases its funding sources through  gifting and subscription advertising awareness to decimate Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder, Cobalt Poisoning, Burning Pits Toxicity, Traumatic Brain InjuryAgent Orange, and Veterans Homelessness, and to create Housing, Educational Programs, Food Pantries, Care Packages, Therapeutic Service Dogs, within the Commonwealth and to receive the Benefits which our Veterans are entitled too from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Our Veterans task is to advocate and to change the ''Face of Time'' holding the line to stay connected so our Veterans voices will be heard and to help resolved the current crisis that faces our Veterans today.
Currently our Veterans are facing a national crisis between "Life and Death"
here at home. sadly enough 20 Veterans commit suicide every day from the effects P.T.S.D., Traumatic Brain Injury, Agent Orange, Cobalt Poisoning a staggering 39,471 Homeless Veterans are at risk here in America. 'We the Veterans' will advocate every inch of the way to make sure our Brothers and Sisters voices will be heard until this painful crises comes to an end and to restore our American Military Values            to focus the never ending search  
 * if you are interested to become an outreach volunteer for your community by placing the American Flags and Burial Markers on the gravesites to preserve the birthright for our veterans in your community on Memorial day May 30- Veterans Day
November 11 please contact your local veteran agent in your town/city




     Vietnam Veterans of        Massachusetts,Inc.


  501(c)(3) not-for-profit


  Final  Resting  Place

 This Platform is Dedicated In Memoriam, forever, for all of our American Service Men and Service Women who serve so bravely with valor to sacrifice their birthright and their young lives for America freedom's.  It has been our Honor to Serve to protect the people of The United States of America.  VetSpace Nation pathway will preserve our Veterans' values and memories, we hold near and dear to our hearts as we share the eternal flame together forever and to embrace the power of the Holy spirit so our Veterans lives did not die in vain and will stay here in the final resting place forever for generations to come

"Never To Be  Forgotten".




Our Mission

'We the Veterans' by advocating  24/7- 365 days for years to end the crisis of P.T.S.D. is now been approved!

The Commander-in- Chief , President Donald J. Trump  signed into law the "Executive Order" to stop Veterans suicide here in America the evil P.T.S.D.

VetSpace Nation Veterans take this American tragedy very seriously.  Our Veterans deserve to live righteously with dignity and integrity earning the respect within their community.  With the

support of our great Military Veteran Organizations, The United    States Department of Veterans Affairs,  Veterans Service Agents, Veterans Post, and Veterans Chaplains, "We the People" of the United States will help defend for our Veterans to decimate P.T.S.D., Traumatic Brain Injury, Agent Orange, Cobalt Poisoning and Veteran Homelessness, to ignite the "Empowerment of the road to Recovery" for our Veterans starting  today.


VetSpace Nation

is the Voice and the Vision that speaks out on behalf of  American Veterans in the United States of America.  Vetspace Nation Veterans will advocate every inch of the way for our Brother and Sister Veterans suffering and dying every day from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Agent Orange, Cobalt Poisoning and Veteran Homelessness. "Never leaving a Veteran behind", Veterans helping Veterans in need of help today.

Veterans, It's our time. this is our place and your Voice will be heard throughout the communities today and forever.     


                       Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts. Inc.  

                 "Online Website Publication Supporters" leading the way to                         help end the crises of P.T.S.D. and Veteran Homelessness

                  here in Commonwealth and the United States of America.                              *Supported by 327,990 Massachusetts Veterans. 



          Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc. 

27 Beacon Street

State House Room 546-4

Boston, MA 02133


                                     24/7  Support
                        *Bill Carlucci Army Veteran
                         Website Creator liaison Administrator
                         Patrick E. Tobin 
                         Transportation Specialist
                        *Robert Rakes Navy  SEO Specialist
                        *Norman Burns Marine Vietnam Veteran
                         Director of Oversight                                   Military Operations Contributor liaison                               
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